Looking for clay poker chips

It is true clay poker chips are more expensive and require more work, but it is still the first choice among poker enthusiasts remain. Part of their appeal is the fact that they look and feel like professional chips from the casinos. The poker extremists feel that they must have them. There is nothing quite like the clatter of authentic clay chips.

However, these chips can be difficult to look after. Is to protect your investment great care required to keep them looking good. If you do this, you neglect to notice that your clay chips will deteriorate after a few years. However, if you know that it can take 5-6 years to take proper care of them. The secret of maintaining your chips lies in the careful cleaning and oiling of them.

How often do you clean your chips depends on how often you have your poker game at home and how many beers your friends spill on your chips. Clay poker chips are very porous and tend to fill up, it touches. By the time you are your chips are contaminated with a mixture of pizza sauce, lemonade and beer. Your only option is to clean each chip individually.

I keep a weekly home game and find that my clay poker chips approximately every two to three months to be cleaned. All you need is a bucket of warm water mixed with a mild detergent, a soft toothbrush and a dry cotton cloth.

First, you will take your toothbrush and dip it in the warm soapy water, then shake it to get rid of the water. The poker chips gently brushing his individual and secure, not to wet the label. Put dry each chip on a clean surface overnight.

When the chips are done drying, it is time no light oils them. Oil your clay poker chips helps delay other liquids that could discolor or else your chips. It also helps prevent your chips from wear into nothingness.

Get some mineral oil from your local store and put a few drops on your fingertips. Now rub your chips individually, until you realize that you need to feel a little more oil. Then apply a few drops on your fingers and keep on going. When you are finished, put out the chips to dry again overnight.

This may take a while, but this small investment of time is worth it. This is because it will be sure that you have your sound capable of poker chips for a long time joy.